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10 Tips For A Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a very common element in kitchens in the Philadelphia area and consists of a work corridor bounded by cabinets and appliance on either side. Galley kitchen layouts work well for most kitchen styles and they are also preferred by many professional chefs because it facilitates efficiency and safety in the prep and cooking process.  They style is named after the compact kitchens on ships and galley designs optimize space by combined the kitchen work and storage areas, making them ideal for small kitchens. If you’re considering a galley kitchen layout for your home or if you will be overhauling one that you already have, the following are some tips:

1) Know your kitchen space: Although galley kitchens often work the best in small spaces, they can also be good for medium-sized kitchens, such as the one pictured here. However, be aware that if the opposing runs are too far apart, the kitchen will lose its efficiency. (This kitchen gets it right.)

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