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Shaker Kitchen Cabinets - The Downtown "Shaker"

Shaker kitchen cabinets are all the rage  these days but not everyone knows exactly what they are.
The word Shaker refers to a style of American framed cabinets that bold and visually compelling. The look of shaker cabinets is classic, timeless and simple and bring a timeless sophistication to the kitchens that Performance Kitchens creates.  In fact, our clients ask for shaker cabinets so frequently that they could be considered one of the elements of a “Performance Kitchen”.

What is a Shaker Kitchen Cabinet?
Shaker cabinets are typically characterized by simple squares and rails (the horizontal and vertical edges) along with a flat panel.

The typical shaker style cabinet includes a center recessed flat panel surrounded by a rail door panel that may or may not include some embellishments. Occasionally, the recessed flat panel may have a raised center. The most basic shaker style cabinet door is a five-piece with recessed center panel and no details along the edges.

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